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This week I don’t have any recipes to share with you (I did not make dinner once this week!), so I’m going to share with you a few pretty pictures from my bridal shower from last Sunday.


Marriage is right around the corner! :D

My fabulous mom, my future mother-in-law, and my maids of honor (sisters) and bridesmaids (the original baking club!) put together an AMAZING bridal shower for me! I was floored by all the incredible details and work they put into it :)

Above is a picture of the centerpiece. The colors for my wedding are blue and orange, so the centerpieces had lovely orange roses in them and blue vases.

Holly made spectacular yellow cupcakes with two types of frosting — coconut and almond. And she colored them blue! We’re doing cupcakes for a cake at the wedding, so this was a cute preview of what’s to come.

Melissa made chocolate crackle cookies. They were a hit! I brought them into work the next day and they disappeared before 11 a.m. (people here love sweets for breakfast) ;)

My mom special ordered m&ms to match the colors of the wedding. These were the favor jars that people took home. I’m thrilled she did this! At one point I was thinking of having m&ms as favors at the wedding, but I decided to go with something else. So I’m glad they showed up at the shower!

I got many spectacular gifts, including a few wonderful cookbooks from Amanda and Kathy! (Yup, that’s Flour!) Other kitchen-y gifts included: a giant stockpot, immersion blender, platters galore, white serving bowls, and much, much more!

My bridal party also put together Megan and Chris trivia — it was so much fun to see how well everyone knows us! They added a few blog questions in there, and I’m happy to report I have a good following on my blog from my family and friends — Everyone could fill in this blank: “Whip it up ______!”


The bridal party!

And at the end of the day, I had a gorgeous bow-quet to use at my rehearsal!

Thanks to my bridal party and moms for putting together such a coordinated and joyous event. And thank you to everyone who came to my bridal shower! As you can see — I had a wonderful time!

Next week I’ll hopefully have some fun recipes to share with you. My first CSA box arrives next Thursday. And this weekend I’ll be rearranging and reorganizing the apartment — and cleaning and organizing always inspires me to cook!