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Our Seder Plate

I promised earlier this week to update you in more detail about the Seder Plate Challenge held at Cara’s from Cara’s Cravings this past weekend.

I’m not Jewish, but I really enjoyed learning about what each dish on the Seder Plate means at Cara’s. (She describes it wonderfully in this post.) I think traditions in general are so wonderful. Regardless of the religion (or lack thereof) that you practice, having a tradition you go back to every year or every once in a while is a bind for families or friends. It brings you closer together. And being in a room of several bloggers I had never met before, this tradition certainly made me feel close to them.

Food is another element that makes me feel close to people. I met many of these bloggers at the Passover Feast virtually, but we all brought in bags and bags of food, hugged each other, and sat around the table with beaming faces like we’d been practicing this tradition since we were born. It came so naturally.

And might I add that all of the food was delicious at the table. One reason why I personally like getting together in person with people and bringing our own food is that we get to actually taste what we make on our blogs. I also love going to restaurants and food events downtown, but to make and share and eat food with other people in the comfort of their homes–well, it can’t get much better than that!

Enough of me talking, right? I’m going to showcase what we had at the Passover Feast, and I encourage you to visit these blogs–great food and great people!

Renee made a beautiful charoset accompanied with horseradish sauce. We topped some crackers with this–it was perfect and crunchy and packed full of flavor.

Melissa’s horseradish cauliflower latkes. These were moist and extremely flavorful.

Amanda showed up with Parmesan-crusted asparagus with horseradish hollandaise (which she saved after it separated, by the way–what an achievement!). I usually only roast my asparagus plain with salt and pepper, but the addition of the Parmesan added a perfect crust.

The hostess herself, Cara, made some show-stopping lamb crepes. These were moist, the lamb was tender, and the crepes fluffy and golden. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Jen, the infamous baker, showed up with a rich apple slaw. This bowl sat beside me at the table (and so did Jen), and needless to say, I went back for thirds, and fourths..and maybe a fifth? It was wonderfully sweet and crisp.

Elina prepared this massaged kale and beet salad on the spot. I got to see her work her magic right in front of me! In it went freshly roasted beets, kale, lemon juice, walnuts, prunes, and goat cheese. I don’t think¬† I need to describe this any more other than that it was pretty damn good. If there’s something with goat cheese in it, I’ll take sixths, please.

And how is a feast complete without some dessert?? Shannon made white chocolate truffles with fresh wasabi–and in the middle of them–a hunk of candied ginger.¬† It was a blend of sweet and a hint of spicy–perfect ending to the meal.

Cara also provided some almond butter meringues. I’m not usually a fan of meringues but these were airy, sweet, and not too sugary.

Here’s a view of the whole table–gorgeous, right?

Thanks, Cara, for hosting us!

Looking forward to more blogger get-togethers in the future :)